Successful Filipino Celebrities Who Are Also Proud Business Owners

Even at a young age, these Filipino celebrities choose to have a business of their own.

A lot of Filipino celebrities are being paid a handsome amount just to perform. However, with the consistent changes in the economy, nobody could easily tell the future. Even with an impressive paycheck, it cannot guarantee a celebrity the celebrity status that they are aiming forever. But for these Filipino celebrities, they took the advantage of having a good pay to invest.

These Filipino stars are proud owners of their own business ventures. Check it out if your idol is on the list of the promising entrepreneurs!

Nash Aguas

It is impressive to know that the child actor who grew up in everybody’s eyes is now a business owner himself. Nash is a proud owner of a Japanese restaurant named Muramen located in Sampaloc, Manila.

Kathryn Bernardo

It seems that everywhere the Teen Queen is putting her hands on, it’s becoming successful too. Instead of spending all her hard-earned money on luxurious items, she invested them in a nail salon. Kathnails just opened recently but it already has a couple of branches in the country!

Julia Montes

After exiting Going Bulilit, Julia never run out of new projects, making her one of the richest celebrities in the country. Instead of splurging on expensive items, she opened her own salon named Julia Montes Salon in Pandacan, Manila.

Maine Mendoza

Another successful celebrity is phenomenal Maine Mendoza. Coming from a business family, she chooses to invest in a high-gain and low-risk venture: she opened her own McDonald’s franchise!

Alden Richards

The other half of AlDub, Alden Richards, is also a proud business owner! He is the part owner of Concha’s Garden Cafe, a garden-themed restaurant in Tagaytay.

Shaina Magdayao

Shaina followed in the footsteps of older sister Vina Morales and opened a business of her own. She co-owns a local branch of Engineering For Kids, a franchise from the United States which was founded by educational institutions for kids 4 to 14.

Paul Salas

The former Starstruck child star is a part owner of the coffee shop Travelbean in Mother Ignacio, Quezon City.


At such a very young age, these Filipino celebrities are already planning for their future! Do you think you can do things like them?

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