Syrian vlogger buys rice and other relief goods for the earthquake victims in Mindanao

Filipinos all over the world who have heard or have watched the video of the Syrian vlogger, Basel Manadil, are talking about his generosity and golden heart for buying rice to donate to the earthquake victims in Mindanao.  He is loved by his Filipino followers and subscribers because of his love for Filipinos and the Philippines.

So, how did all this ‘pinakyaw na bigas‘ start? Basel is living in the Philippines for five years and he has developed the heart of a Filipino.  For that, he is committed in helping every Filipino he could help with his earnings from his Youtube vlogs.

His video on his Youtube channel showed that he was driving very early at dawn around Pampanga looking for a vendor he can buy rice from. He was quoted as saying, “Support our local farmers. Ang kita po ng kanilang bigas ay napupunta po sa kanila ng buong-buo walang middleman in short,” in his Youtube description of his video. You can watch it here:

“Kung wala sila, wala tayong pagkain sa mesa. Saludo po ako sa mga local farmers,” he said.

Because of this act of kindness, Basel is again idolized by many Filipinos because of his willingness to help. The Philippine Rice Research Institute (PhilRice) appreciates Basel’s support to Filipino farmers and to the whole Filipino nation, as well.

“Tayo, bilang mga Pilipino, ay dapat rin bumili ng bigas direkta sa ating mga magsasaka,” the PhilRice stressed.

Aside from the rice donation, Basel also bought 1000 pieces of  blankets and tents for Mindanao quake victims. The Filipino Times reports.

In this post by The Summit Express, Basel has made a very good review of the Philippines and he was also quoted saying, “The Philippines has always been No.1 Top Destination for our pristine beaches and tropical island paradise, what most people don’t know or see about the Philippines is it’s booming economy.”

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