The Best Items to Buy at the Dollar Tree Which Are Value for Your Money

There are many things you can buy from Dollar Tree. [Image Credit: Your Mike Mozart / flickr]

For many people, the Dollar Tree is one of the greatest places on Earth. You can give your old furniture at home a quick DIY with the things you can buy from the store. You can also find the cutest items from this store. But the main reason we shop at the Dollar Tree is to save money.

If you want to make sure that you are only buying products from the store that are worth the money, don’t worry. We got you covered.

Best Dollar Tree Items

Here are some of the best Dollar Tree items that are surely value for your money.

Greeting Cards

Out with the email greetings and in with personalized, handwritten ones! But spending more than $1 on a greeting card is crazy. There are even some places which will charge you $4 for a single card. From now on, get your greeting cards from the Dollar Tree!

Fake Flowers

You won’t find fake flowers cheaper anywhere else but with this store, there is a decent selection of fake flowers for you to choose from. You will also be able to make this your next project!


Dollar Tree is home to one of the coziest foot experiences in the globe. They sell super fuzzy socks, three packs of socks, and even thin dress socks.

Party Supplies

Who says that party supplies should be costly? You can throw a colorful themed party with all you can find items at the Dollar Tree. From cups, cutlery, tablecloths, and more, this store has it all. They are especially great for children’s birthday party or baby showers.

Holiday Decor

This store has really high end looking ones that can make your house feel regal and special.


[Image Credit: Martina Griffi / flickr]
[Image Credit: Martina Griffi / flickr]
If you are not looking to buy Sharpies in bulk, it is best to get yours from the Dollar Tree! This brand name marker will only cost you a bulk or you can also get a multipack of their knock-offs.

Gift Wrappers

Never buy gift wrappers anywhere else but from this dollar store! You can buy tissue paper, wrapping paper, and even gift bags with bows and ribbons from this store.

Floss Picks

The Dollar Tree is a great place to buy your dental hygiene needs. You can purchase dental floss picks for super cheap prices here. They also come in packs of 50s or 60s so you get value for your money.

Air Fresheners

[Image Credit: Alang7 / flickr]
[Image Credit: Alang7 / flickr]
Purchase all kinds of air fresheners for a dollar. Whether you want sprays, carpet fresheners or car scents, you can take your pick from their wide selection of scents.

Ibuprofen and Aspirin

Regular stores charge triple than what you’d pay at the dollar store for pain relievers. You can save big on ibuprofen and aspirin at the Dollar Tree. These work just as well as the other name brands.


Looking to switch out all your dishes for under $20? This dollar store also has good looking pieces in different colors. They may chip easier but they can be easily replaced too.


[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
The Dollar Tree has soaps available for every room in your house. From hand soaps to bath soaps to kitchen soaps: you get the amount that you pay for in bulk.


This dollar store also has great frames. They sell clear lenses, sunglasses, and reading glass. You can buy a pair for each outfit that you have.


Spices can be really pricey, especially if you are looking for Asian ones. The Dollar Tree sells all kinds of spices. This is best if you need a spice that you don’t use often but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on.


The Dollar Tree has loads of name brand candies. This is perfect for taking with you to the movies. You can buy three different types of candies for the price that you’d pay for a bag at the movie theatre.

Picture Frames

Looking for a nice looking picture frame? You can get all different sizes for just a dollar. They also come in different colors and finishes.

Glow Sticks

If you’ll buy glow sticks at a party store, it would probably cost you at least $10 for three packs. You can get a better deal at Dollar Tree for just $1. Plus, they have all different kinds of wands and sticks for you to choose from.

Coloring and Activity Books

There is a coloring or activity book available for you and your child at this dollar store. They also have familiar characters that your child will surely love.

Disinfectant Wipes

[Image Credit: Your Best Digs / flickr]
[Image Credit: Your Best Digs / flickr]
You won’t find these things at the grocery or convenience stores for less than $2. At the Dollar Tree, they are a steal for $1. They have the same quality, you just need to forgo the brand.

Gardening Supplies

Get all sorts of gardening supplies like planters, garden tools, and plant labels. You can also get things to beautify your gardens such as wind chimes, stepping stones, and even lights.


Isn’t it great to see cheaper items for a fraction of the price? How about you? Which item will you purchase from the Dollar Tree?

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