Contemporary Three-Bedroom Elevated Bungalow

For those who are looking for bungalow designs, you can check on the photos of the featured house today, a bungalow with three bedrooms.

This house design is typical for places that are prone to flood because it is elevated 6 steps higher than the ground.  This elevation is about one meter high, which does not only make the appearance look more beautiful but provide protection from flooding.

There is no attached carport like what the other house designs have but if you have an extra space in your lot, you can always build one. 

From the main entry way, the first area that you will find is the very spacious living room.

Unlike other houses, the kitchen and the dining hall is separated from the recreational area. Although it is considered a small home, this bungalow comes with a fully functional l-shaped kitchen, complete with sink, under the counter cabinets, and a space for for a big refrigerator and gas range. There is also another door leading to the service area at the back.

From the kitchen, there are two common toilet and baths. These bathrooms have provisions for a lavatory and a shower, even for a bathtub.

This small bungalow also comes with three bedrooms: A bigger Master’s Bedroom and two smaller bedrooms. Each of these rooms have enough space to fit a full-size bed, a night table, an entertainment area, and a built-in cabinet.

What sets this modern bungalow apart from other house plan is that it also comes with a mini office. If you don’t think you will need the space, you can also convert it as a guest room or another bedroom.

Check out the floor plan of this bungalow here:

Not because it is small means that you are limited with the areas that you can have with this bungalow.

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Thank you to Thai Drawing for this impressive bungalow house plan.

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