Trillanes Files Cyber-Libel Complaint Against Thinking Pinoy Blogger RJ Nieto

Senator Antonio Trillanes filed a cyber-libel case against Thinking Pinoy blogger RJ Nieto. [Image Credit: Rappler]

Controversial Senator Antonio Trillanes IV filed a cyber-libel case against blogger Rey Joseph “RJ” Nieto, the person behind the popular blog “Thinking Pinoy.”

The opposition senator filed the complaint before the Pasay City Prosecutor’s Office today, November 22. One of the contents of the complaint is asking for Nieto’s imprisonment and payment for civil damages.

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Malicious Remarks

He is pointing at the Facebook post that Nieto made last October 31, where the United States President Donald Trump called the senator a drug lord. According to Trillanes, these claims are malicious and outright wrong since the transcription of Trump’s press statements provided by the US embassy does not contain such remarks about the senator.

Being a very vocal and staunch critic of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte, of whom Respondent Nieto is a self-confessed diehard supporter and defender, Respondent Nieto’s post was clearly made solely for the purpose of besmirching my reputation and maligning my name.

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Extreme Anxiety and Sleepless Nights

Trillanes said that the blogger is liable for cyber-libel and his remarks left him with extreme anxiety and sleepless nights. He also pointed out that other than imprisonment, he should pay for civil damages amounting to PHP 1 million pesos and legal fees amounting to PHP 250,000.

Complainant suffered extreme anxiety, wounded feelings, sleepless nights and a slur in his reputation.

Section 6 of Republic Act 10172 or the Anti-Cybercrime Act states that libel committed through electronic means shall be punishable with a higher penalty than that committed through writing or printing. The Revised Penal Code imposes prison correctional or imprisonment from 6 months to one year to 6 years on those violating the latter.

[Image Credit: Rappler]
[Image Credit: Rappler]

Not the First Time

The Senator also filed a cyber-libel and criminal and administrative charges against another pro-administration blogger, the Assistant Secretary of the Presidential Communications Operations Office, Mocha Uson, who also stated that he had secret bank accounts in Singapore.

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