The Truth Behind the Toothpaste Color Code

What is the meaning behind this toothpaste color code? [Image Credit: TRC Podcast]
What is the meaning behind this toothpaste color code? [Image Credit: TRC Podcast]

Every one of us has toothpaste at home. If you don’t have one, now is the perfect time to use one since it is important to keep your oral health in top condition.

There are a lot of different brands of toothpaste available in the market and many of them are producing a different variety of flavors that the consumers can surely enjoy.

If you are good observant, you might already notice that other than the packaging of these products, there is a small marker or indicator at the end of the toothpaste tube. If you’ll take a look at the end of the tube, you can see tiny squares in four different colors.

[Image Credit: Sacramentro Dentistry]
[Image Credit: Sacramentro Dentistry]

The Meaning

There have been numerous stories and articles circulating on the internet stating the meaning of this toothpaste color code. According to the viral stories, these colors are:

  • Green = Natural
  • Black = Pure Chemical
  • Blue = Medicine + Natural
  • Red = Natural + Chemical
  • The Truth

However, not everybody believed in this theory. A user came out to state that these colored markings are not an indication whether the toothpaste has Natural, Chemical or Medicinal content. Instead, these markings are placed on the tip of the tube since the machine has to cut the box or tube.

To prove his logic, this user also looked at the bags of rice, pasta, and other food boxes and noticed the similar marking.

Further Proof

Snopes, a platform investigating information whether a viral news is true or not, concluded that the Facebook user is correct. The markings at the bottom of the toothpaste tubes are placed there so that the machines can know exactly where they can cut the tubes. Now, there is a clear explanation of what this toothpaste color code really is.

This just shows that everything that we can read on the internet may not be true. Since the internet is an easy and instant source of information, it is better to check other legitimate sources first.

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