Two bedroom House with Roof Deck

Living in the modern world means you also have to keep up with fast pace of modernization. House designs are more and more modern and sophisticated and so we need to choose a house plan that is also attractive and classy.

This plan has two bedrooms with 2 bathrooms, living room, dining and kitchen. The required frontage width is 9 meters and 17 meters depth to accommodate this design. With the color combination applied in the exterior, the feeling of lightness with some brickwork accent walls.

The roof deck is an additional area where you can utilized for laundry, drying or even a venue for a small event like family gathering or birthdays. This can also be a relaxation at night or a place for peaceful hour before going to sleep.

With this type of house, the lot is maximize on the sides as firewall. With the ever rising cost of lots today, it is important that every inch of the lot we bought is used.

The 3d floor plan above is very useful in visualizing the house. As can be seen, the garage is located at the lower right at 5.1 meters in depth and 2.5 meters in width. next is the small porch with 3 steps higher from the garage floor line.

Opening the main entrance is the living room and next is the dining area. Left side of the living room is the small kitchen interconnected to the ding area for easy access. At the back is occupied by the two bedrooms each having its own toilet and bath.



This house design and floor plan may not be suitable for some home seekers since you need to have 9 meters frontage width and 17 meters depth to accommodate this design. However, we have feature this floor plan to make sure that home seeker having this type of lot will have an idea on what is possible for their lots.

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