Two Policemen Aided A Stranded Family In The Middle Of The Heavy Rain

The two policemen helped the stranded family in the middle of the heavy rain. [Image Credit: Kelvin G Pacelo / Facebook]

The police force is meant to serve and protect all the citizens of the country. They are bringing the balance to the welfare of the people. Policemen respond to the citizens’ call for help.

Whenever they spot someone who needed help, they are expected to take the first step and do their best to help these people.

[Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
Just recently, a family who got stranded in the middle of the road because of a flat tire was aided immediately by two policemen.

A Facebook post went viral showing a family who got stuck in the middle of the road. According to the netizen named Kevin G Pacelo, his family was on their way to a wedding when suddenly, one for car’s tires went flat. To make things worse, it’s the middle of the heavy rains and one of their family members is sick.

But luck is still on their side. Two policemen found them and immediately provided assistance. One of them used to work in a vulcanizing shop and helped fix the flat tire. The other policeman tends to the traffic.

[Image Credit: Kelvin G Pacelo / Facebook]
One of the passersby was amazed at how the policemen helped the family and decided to give them P500 pesos. However, instead of accepting the money, the police officers politely rejected it. According to them, they are just trying to help.

Because of the situation, the family cannot help but say that there are still good hearted policemen in the country. When before they are afraid to see policemen who will catch them because of traffic regulations, they are now happy to see them because of their great experience dealing with two.

Meron parin palang mabubuting pulis dahil…

[Image Credit: Kelvin G Pacelo / Facebook]
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The next time you see policemen, don’t be afraid and think about the worse. If you think there are corrupt officers in the country, there are still many good-hearted souls who are only doing their job to serve us.

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