Two Women Assault an Older Woman After the Latter Went Out to Buy Ingredients For Their Dinner

According to the victim’s daughter, the suspects are named Jhane and Marlyn. [Image Credit: Mai Mai / Facebook]

Too often, our parents who raised, loved, nurtured, and loved us are left behind as we grow up. However, if you take a little time to show your love and appreciation to them, both you and your parent will benefit a lot from the renewed relationship.

As you get older and become an adult, you will find that it is both easier and at the same time, harder to relate to your parents. But due to the demands of work, life, and your social circle, it may also hard to pay your parents a visit.

But as a child, what hurts harder is to know that someone is abusing your parents. This is what a Facebook user named Mai Mai shared to warn everyone.

[Image Credit: Mai Mai / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mai Mai / Facebook]

Abused By Two Other Woman

According to Mai Mai, her mother went out of their house to buy ingredients for their dinner. When she went out, she noticed the two suspects, Marlyn Asis and Jhane Asia outside their house. At first, the mother thought that they were just there to gossip but when she returned, Jhane and Marlyn waylaid her.

Although Mai Mai’s mother already told them “wag kayo jan sa daan,” Jhane cursed her.

[Image Credit: Mai Mai / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Mai Mai / Facebook]

Not the End of the Assault

The mother thought that it is the end of the assault but after passing through the two women and reaching their gate, Marlyn suddenly scratched her face. While her face is getting scratched, there were people who responded but instead of stopping the fight, they hold the poor woman so that Jhane and Marlyn can assault her more.

According to Mai Mai’s younger sibling, the two women were already near their house a few hours prior the incident. Mai Mai also added that during their talk, the two women said they will just pay the damages.

You may read the whole story here:

The reason for the assault is still unclear. We are waiting for the side of the suspects, Marlyn and Jhane to give their side.

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