Warning: Prepare Your Handkerchief! Video of Nurse Singing to a Terminal Cancer Patient Went Viral

Nurse Olivia Neufelder is more than just a nurse; she's an angel. [Image Credit: Megan Smith/Facebook]
  • A video of a nurse singing a loving song to a cancer patient went viral.

  • The nurse, Olivia Neufelder, has been singing to the cancer patient, Margaret Smith, every day.

  • Unfortunately, Smith died because of her disease.

They say that talking to patients, especially those who are in a coma, help them. There are a lot of miraculous stories about people who are already in 50-50 state but woke up because of the love of their family members and friends.

The Emotional Video

That is what a nurse from the Vanderbilt University Medical Center did. An emotional video has gone viral showing VUMC nurse Olivia Neufelder singing to a terminal cancer patient named Margaret Smith.

The video was posted two days ago, and it already reached 47,000 likes, 65,000 shares, 8,800 comments, and 3,400,000 views.

The 63-year-old patient was admitted to the Vanderbilt University Medical Center a couple of weeks because of the rapid decline in her health. She has had liver cancer for about a year and needed to undergo an operation to save her life.

Smith needed a liver transplant. However, the doctors cannot operate because of her health. Because of her health, she was moved to a nursing home in Cookeville.

Smith lost her battle against the disease last Wednesday. [Image Source: Margare/GoFundMe]

Reminded Her of Her Grandmother

Unfortunately, she died last Wednesday. Before she left the care center, Neufelder shared a special moment with her by singing her favorite song “Dancing in The Sky.”

There was almost a sense of peace knowing that it was her favorite song and she did tell me it’s the song she wants to be played at her funeral. She didn’t feel like a patient at that time. I wanted her to know that she was loved even if her family wasn’t able to be there.

Smith considered Neufelder, her “little angel.” The kind nurse sang to Smith every day during her entire stay to keep her smiling despite her terminal disease.

I recently lost my grandmother and went through a similar experience, and I was singing to her as she passed too. Margaret really has helped me more than she knows.

The Smith family wanted to thank the nurse for showing her compassion and love, even during tough and dark times.

People showed their appreciation to the kind nurse. [Image Credit: Megan Smith/Facebook]
Hopefully there are more angels like her. [Image Credit: Megan Smith/Facebook]
Sometimes, angels are not in heaven. They are walking her on earth to guide other people.


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