How Rich is Willie Revillame?

Willie Revillame
Willie Revillame is one of the riches TV host in the Philippines. [Image Credit: Star News Asia / Youtube]

One of the most prominent figures in the world of Philippine Entertainment is Willie Revillame. The host rose to fame from being with ABS-CBN to his now stint in the Kapuso Network.

[Image Credit: Willie Revillame Official Fanpage / Facebook]
The controversial host spearheaded the popular “Wowowee” on ABS-CBN from 2005 to 2010 before he transferred to TV5. He hosted a series of shows in the Kapatid network with other titular shows such as “Wil Time Bigtime,” “Willing Willie,” and “Wowowillie” for three years, from 2010 to 2013.

Willie is known not just as a funny yet controversial TV host but also for being rich and generous. Back in 2016, after the viral photos of Carrot Man surfaced, the TV host committed to funding his education. Even his previous partners committed that he is as generous as he is when giving money and prizes to the contestants of his TV show.

[Image Credit: Willie Revillame Official Fanpage / Facebook]

What’s the True Story of Willie Revillame?

But there is a story behind his genuine generosity.

As all people know, Willie started as a drummer in a band before earning a name in hosting. As he struggled to be a part of the band, he also supported himself by starring as sidekicks of the leading men in a lot of popular films.

Believe it or not, even after releasing from his million-worth contract from ABS-CBN, his estimated value up to this date is P600 Million!

[Image Credit: Willie Revillame Official Fanpage / Facebook]

How Rich is Willie Revillame?

Willie owns a mansion in an exclusive subdivision in Quezon City. He also has a five-hectare resort-hotel in Tagaytay.

Throughout his successful hosting and entertainment career, he bought a lot of expensive cars: Rolls Royce, Audi R8, Ferrari 458, Porsche Carrera Turbo, Lamborghini Gallardo, Lincoln Navigator, Hummer H2, and Jaguar XJ. He also has a huge yacht complete with five rooms, a kitchen, and a living room. The host also owns a private jet to move from one place to another.

Willie Revillame’s rags to riches story proves that nothing is impossible with hard work.

[Image Credit: Willie Revillame Official Fanpage / Facebook]
What can you say about this? Did you know that Willie Revillame is as rich as he truly is?

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