Xander Ford Files Cyberbullying Cases Against Two Uploaders of His Viral Video

Xander Ford filing a case against the two uploads. [Image Credit: Bianca Dava/Twitter]
  • Two controversial videos of Xander Ford surfaced online because of allegedly body-shaming Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo.

  • Today, October 30, he filed a case against the two uploaders.

  • He revealed that he was depressed because of lost shows, endorsements, and events.

Xander Ford (formerly known as Marlou Arizala) went to the Philippine National Police (PNP)’s Anti-Cybercrime Group in Camp Crame today, October 30, to file a cyberbullying case against two individuals.

Bullying is not okay, regardless who the person is. [Image Credit: Xander Ford/Facebook]

The Case

The 19-year-old internet sensation filed a case against Dave Alvarez and Angelo Rozol, the two individuals who uploaded his old video. This old video went viral after he commented about Teen Queen Kathryn Bernardo’s legs.

Although he recently denied that he’s the person behind the controversial viral video, another one surfaced with the same voice but showing his face (then Marlou Arizala before his cosmetic surgery) while on a video call with someone else.

Xander Ford said he became depressed after the video surfaced. He also lost TV shows, endorsements, and events because of the controversy.

Na-depress po ako dahil sa mga isyu or sa video na in-upload po nila. Mahirap. Nawalan po ako ng trabaho, nawalan po ako ng career dahil po sa maling paratang po nila sa ‘kin. Gusto ko lang pong matapos na po ito.

He also revealed that Dave Alvarez is not a friend but just someone taking a video of him.

Yun nga yung video na unang kumalat, pinagmulan ng lahat. Pinost niya hanggang sa nag-trending, nalaman ng KathNiel fans.

Accounts of Cyberbullying

Cyberbullying is not uncommon in the Philippines. According to Nobullying.com, the Philippines is Number 4 in the world in looking up cyberbullying online, because it is an issue. From very simple comments on a status or photo that can cause embarrassment, to the posting of threatening, tormenting, and harassing stories about someone else online.

He revealed he was depressed. [Image Credit: Bianca Dava/Twitter]
If you feel you are being harassed, threatened or tormented by someone on the internet, make sure that you take proper procedures against it. The DOJ Cybercrime Division of the National Bureau of Investigation Cybercrime Division and Philippine National Police Cybercrime group accept and handle these kinds of cases.

Update on Xander Ford

Seven months after his controversial cosmetic surgery, where is Xander Ford now?

The aspiring performer and social media sensation started working on his physique but this time, there are no knives involved.

[Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook]

According to his talent management, Star Image, Xander is lifting weights in the gym to build more muscles on his arms and upper body area. He is also assisted with a bicep workout and is starting to make his body more “summer ready.”

Xander is also participating in many shows outside Metro Manila with other Star Image artists. Recently, he made waves on social media after he introduced his girlfriend, whom he fondly calls “love” on his Instagram posts.

[Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook]
[Image Credit: Star Image Artist Management / Facebook]

Changing Face?

After the former Hasht5 member decided to go under the knife to enhance his features due to the bullying and online criticisms he is getting from his physical appearance, netizens started to point out that his face is starting to return on its original form after Youtube channel “Pinoy Showbiz Latest” posted his videos.

Netizens noticed that the old face of Marlou is starting to show again and most of them stated that the medicine used by the cosmetic clinic for Xander’s appearance was losing its streak. Some are also leaving messages on his Instagram page since his face changed drastically from the time his new face unveiled up to the present time.

Bakit ganon Bumabalik na yong dati niyang Itsura

Bat unti unting bumabalik yng dati mng anyo?


no offense ha,pero sa dami ng nakita kong nagparetoke eto ata ang ndi tinablan.at take note buong mukha pa niretoke.medyo nagbago ung itsura pero ndi naman gumandang lalake,maryosep.tinanggap mo nlng sana kung anu ung dati mong itsura ganun din naman.

Bumabalik na hitsura natin sa dati repa ah. Compare nyo yung first appearance nya sa tv at sa latest post nya.

Umayos naman yung itsura niya tingnan mo nga yung before and after ang mali lang sa gunggong na ito nag angas kaagad hindi pa tapos yung retoke like may follow up pa dapat

[Image Credit: Xander Ford / Instagram]
[Image Credit: Xander Ford / Instagram]

Do you want to see Xander Ford in more shows in the Kapamilya network? What role do you think suits him?


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